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Dogs truly are our best friends. Their steadfast loyalty, warm companionship, and unconditional love are priceless gifts that enrich our lives far beyond measure. With soulful eyes, adorable mugs, and endless sloppy wet kisses they make us smile and laugh, remind us to live in the moment, and leave indelible paw prints on our hearts. 


People often refer to their spouse or significant other as their better half. Don't get me wrong, I love my husband but he's as human and flawed as I am. As far as I'm concerned, dogs are our better half. Purebred or pure mutt, every dog deserves to be immortalized with a professional custom portrait. 


I LOVE dogs, ALL dogs. To me, every commission is a privilege and a labor of sweet, furry love.

— Erika Kauffman, Artist

15th Annual International Guild of Realism Exhibition

I'm so excited to announce that "Hero" has made the jury cut! This handsome lad will be traveling to Charleston, SC for the 15th Annual International Guild of Realism Exhibition at the Principle Gallery. The opening reception will be on Friday, October 2nd and the show will be up until October 31st. I'm deeply honored to have my work included among so many amazing artists.

This piece is 12" x 9.5", colored pencil on pastel mat. It was inspired by all the brave, wonderful dogs that have served in our military. They too have sacrificed and saved countless lives.

Recently completed, "Solum Vero Amore..." (Latin for "The Only True Love...").

There really is nothing like the truly unconditional love of a dog. When canine Cupid's arrow strikes, there is no point in resisting. Those sweet eyes now own you, you are blessed, and your heart will never be the same.


I will have small 8" x 8" gallery wrapped canvas prints of this available for sale soon with all profits being donated to a local animal rescue. If you are interested in pre-ordering, please contact me

"No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich."   Louis Sabin

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