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All portraits are done from photo references, in oil-based colored pencil, mounted on masonite board, and finished with archival UV varnish (gloss or matte). They are not digital images printed on canvas to look like paintings. I start with a blank piece of pastel mat and hand draw every detail. It's all about your bff (best furry friend).

Choosing the right photo(s) is important but a "perfect" photo is not necessary. The primary reference just needs to capture your baby's personality and clearly show his/her features and expression. It doesn't matter what's in the background as long as the head, nose, and ears aren't cut off. If the lighting was a little funky include an additional reference or two that accurately represents fur color and texture. The best photos are usually taken at a slight angle rather than straight on, and while the dog is sitting. Photos taken at odd angles or with distorted perspective may make for cool Instagram pix but are generally not recommended for commissioned portraits.

A 50% deposit is required to begin a portrait with the balance due upon completion. Turn around time is generally two to three weeks. Framing is not included. If you have more than one dog, I offer generous discounts on additional portraits and they do not have to be purchased at the same time.  View Size & Pricing Chart

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